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May 02, 2006



Brilliant. But it's...



But that perfectly illustrates why it is very unwise to go about snidely commenting on people's blogs about small errors. Stones, glass houses, etc.

Really, if there isn't a rule about this -- that when one comments on a blog to correct other people's minor mistakes one invariably makes embarrassing mistakes of one's own -- there should damn well be.

Liam (Ministry of Lying Communist Puppetmastery)

Amen Kate. Sorry about that, I couldn't resist.
May English spelling always be an anarchist field rather than a fascist one. As a side issue, I've always been amused by the idea of English Literature Spelling Death Matches:
Shakespeare vs. Chaucer!
Hilaire Belloc vs. Mark Twain!
Jane Austen vs. The Venerable Bede!
Charles Dickens vs. Graham Greene!
Ned Kelly vs. Virginia Woolf!
Christina Rossetti vs. Allen Ginsberg!
e.e. cummings vs. bell hooks! (restricted fight, no capitals allowed)


omg, the "wikipedia pedant"* strikes again!!!!

*nameless bored loser who knows IT ALL


Hooray for pedants! But only if they're semantically correct. I agree, there's nothing worse than a pedant who can't get their own spelling right.

But I think we've got to have people picking us up on our mistakes; after all, if we're not clear on how we express things, how can we hope to be clear on what we're expressing?

A useful rule: there's only two commas and a capital separating the phrase:

[i]'I helped my Dad, Jack, off a horse'[/i],

and the phrase:

[i]'I helped my Dad jack off a horse.'[/i]


Heh Liam.

Heh Laura.

True that Tim, and thank you for that very useful and apt example. Punctuation, grammar, spelling -- these things exist for one purpose. To communicate meaning in the best possible way. Clarity should be the first goal, and pedantry for its own sake should be a distant second.


heh, heh!

I'm tipping the first blog host to come up with a way of editing comments with red pens will become incredibly popular with the postgraduates/early career lecturers who inhabit the blogosphere.

Jennifer Cascadia

I have some guy commenting on my blog who is engaging everybody but myself in a debate which is self-evidently fascinating TO HIM on many levels. He is especially obsessed, t'would appear, with individuals using their own names whilst engaging others on the Internet. I haven't yet established what his name is, and he doesn't post pictures of himself, so he retains a high degree of impersonality. Yet this particular issue has him very, VERY preoccupied!

Jennifer Cascadia

And to make it clear: He appears to think that he is using his own name to engage others on the Internet, but alas (?), he only supplies a first name.


LOL to Tim, Laura and Liam.

And Kate, that's the best way EVER of dealing with dodgy commenters. My fingers are now itching to have a go at the dross left by the kiddies the one time I mentioned Casey Donovan.

And for the record, this Whedon fan loved the feministy Firefly stuff.


Another LOL. Your comedic talents are wasted in academia. I think with just a few more essays to mark you could be pushed on through to that headlining comedy festival gig (btw, i'm not actually being sarcastic, or is it sardonic?, or ironic? ...)


Sadly, I am only hilarious in red ink. In the flesh I am serious and unsurprising.


"In the flesh I am serious and unsurprising."

WHAT!?! Don't believe it folks. She looks like a saucy secretary and has cool stories. If you want my advice invite her to lunch today.

And Hesus Kristy, is Liam all about the stoush or what?


C- is way harsh, Kate. If I was Nigel Pedant I'd be asking for a second opinion.


Saucy secretary? And there I was shooting for the cute-yet-devestatingly intelligent librarian style. Ah well.

Laura, do you want to do a double-mark?



I must confess I sometimes get the pedantry urge. But I fight it very hard and usually succeed. Really.

General Secretary of the Toga Party

Sorry, Kate, the man in the Black Army Pants of Doom had it right: you're downright saucy.

There's no way 'round it. Cute librarians can only aspire to your degree of sauciness. In fact, if you *were* a sauce, you'd be one of those tricky French ones that takes three days and various gastronomical esoterica to prepare. Probably including truffles. You're. That. Damned. Saucy.

*fights pedantry urge, loses*

Also, it's "devastatingly".


Aw c'mon guys this is a FEMINIST blog. Feminists aren't allowed to be saucy. It says so in my handbook, 'The Dummies Guide to Overthrowing the Patriarchy'.

Yeah yeah. Again with my point about the pedantry and why I don't do it.


Actually, that should be 'Overthrowing the Patriarchy for Dummies'.

I confused it with 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Resisting the Patriarchal Order'.


Harry, if you want to see some stoush proper, watch me eventually do my impersonation of Michael Douglas in Falling Down with some of the librarians in the State Library of NSW. Just you wait, desk fascists! I can only take it so long!
Kate, aren't you confusing that text with 'Simple Guide to Patriarchal Restraining Orders'? I'd love to get a copy of that for myself but... for various reasons... I can't.


"You're. That. Damned. Saucy."

Possibly one that's good for basting as well.
And made by Nigella Lawson.

Oh dear. I think I just went blind.


Do tell, Harry. I've heard you're quite the master baster.

Maybe Laura could "correct" Kate with her violet pen.


OK...I'll be in my bunk.


harry, Fyodor: no.


Hear that, Harry?

Basting? No.

Baiting? Yes.


I wait with basted breath.

Master basting, dear cuz, is (as I'm sure you well know) all in the wrist - with steady strokes and a tray to catch the drips.

Actually, a med student and her totally hot friend (med science grad) will soon be investigating that age old question of "How much canned whipped cream does it take to cover a human body". The body in question being that of the totally hot friend. It's all in the name of science.

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