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August 15, 2006



The Spice Magazine offers its eternal gratitude for arse-kicking knowhow and tiger-claw-of-death proofreading.
Being given the gift of time of time I'm now spending it looking for Vic-20 emulators. Books hey?


I haven't read the VGL book but very recently heard some people on ABC radio saying how much they'd enjoyed it, which surprised me as I'd formed a very negative opinion of it (just out of the ether), which you have now validated.


Anthony, are you being obscure again?

Susoz, I know lots of people loved it, but I found it puerile and I also thought the 'inner-voice' of the main character was utterly unconvincing.


7 Across Stories from this Sea Dog just Scratch the Surface (3)


Done. Thank you for the tag.

Paul enjoyed VGL but suggested that I didn't read, because he thought that I wouldn't like it very much...


I just noticed Tigtog has already done the bookmeme! Ah well.


I'd do it, except you've pretty much done it for me - Pride and Prejudice is probably the book I've most often re-read, Handmaid's Tale is the one I point to as changing my life, Shakespeare's the perfect desert island choice, and I'm so entertained by Terry Pratchett. Have you read Good Omens, which he co-wrote with Neil Gaiman? I've read it probably five times and it always makes me laugh.


Ah Kate - I haven't caught up with you this week so I hadn't seen your answers. Interesting that we both picked Pride and Prejudice and Terry Pratchett for the same questions!

Another friend of mine said she's stumped a bit by the "book that changed your life" question because it's always happening to her as she reads powerfully written books, which is a very good point about what we hope reading good books will do to us.

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