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December 15, 2006



I can't believe on one blog I'm posting pictures of Aragorn son of Arathorn and talking about pashing men with beards, and on another I'm having quite a serious discussion about atheism.



Can't you? I would have said, beards figure quite strongly in God-related matters of most kinds.

Also, one day (one annual leave, probably) your partner will grow a beard, and you will think he looks excellent, like a submarine captain or something.


Good call about the God/beard thing Laura.

I forgot to mention Diver Dan as well. Now there was a rakish beard. Sigh.

As for JW and beards, well, we'll see! He has had a few facial hair attempts in the past but never the full beard. But if he wants to try it I won't be too horrified. That said, I wasn't terribly receptive to mo-vember.


ah, yes...Diver Dan


Since you're into warriors of the imagination, how about defender of western civilisation and beardy hunk o' spunk Mark Steyn?


John Quiggin's out then?
And these fine fellows?


Viggo is one of thsoe boys who you look at and think, "Hmm, you'd be a bit of all right if someone scrubbed off the dirt!" But then someone does and you're left thinking, "Roll in dirt! Roll in dirt!" I know, ain't no pleasing me.


Redcap, I completely agree. That scene at the end of LOTR where he is all kingly and scrubbed up left me cold.

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