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October 13, 2005



Thanks for this link, Kate. I would not want to be that interviewer, either, although I was very entertained by how Atwood manages to be both maternal and formidable at the same time.


Indeed. She's prickly but kind, all at once.


That's an amazing interview! She has got an amazing presence of mind. I saw her a few years ago at a literary luncheon in Canberra, in a hall full of really keen Atwood fans who were itching to ask really good questions of her. Unfortunately the organisers didn't allow impromptu questions, instead getting Marion Halligan to have a 'cosy chat' on stage with MA, with the intention that she would represent us, the fans. It was exhorable! Cringworthy! MH was awful, and after reading that link of yours I'm surprised MH didn't get roasted by Atwood. I wish she had, and I think the rest of the room agreed with me. At the signings afterwoods we all apologised, not for our fawnings, but for Halligan's. I've heard that another festival matched them up again. Either MA has a soft spot for MH, or she sees her as the no-brainer on her intinerary. I don't mind some of Halligan's writings, but she should stay off the stage.


Getting too excited there -- execrable and cringeworthy!


When bad interviews go even worse.


Atwood is sublime. The greatest writer currently writing in English.

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