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October 22, 2005


The Devil Drink

Ah, ah, not so fast, Kate, we made a deal.
You get evenings of joyous abandon, socially assisted by my products that taste great and are fun to drink, and in the morning I get to kick the crap out of your stomach.
Anyway, you signed, if not in your blood then at least in red wine. You can't back out of our little pact now.


There was joyous abandon last night? I was drunker than I thought!

All I can seem to remember is haranguing people about abortion rights.

The Devil Drink

Hey, I just do my part of the bargain. What you do with it is up to you.
For a decent harangue I'll do a discount on your next binge, we love to hear of a good stoush down here at Headquarters.


But we were haranguing you back, so it was all good.

For some reason my head is not so bad. It must have been the cheese.

Mmm... cheese.

The Devil Drink

Nice, wasn't it Robert?
That's a product of our Dairy department. It's the heat treatment that gave it that smoky, slightly sulphurous flavour.
Don't think I've forgotten about our little deal, either. I want to see you arguing for the abolition of capital gains tax by December.


Oh Devil Drink, I hate you, but I know in a few days, I'm going to be back in your arms again.

Maybe even tonight, despite the feeble (and growing even feebler by the minute) protestations of my liver.

The Devil Drink

Kate, you had me at "Oh Devil Drink".
I'll pick you up at eight.

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