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March 07, 2006



So is this German mag offering any money??


It's a great photo!


Thanks Mindy.

JW: no. Sadly.


Careful, Kate. Those Germans have some very odd magazines.


whats your Flickr account? if thats ok.
Mines -cozalcoatl

what was the Sam in the city thing? Thats how i got my 15nanoseconds of Geek fame by posting on a SMH blog...
and look where it got me.


Duh..never mind. I found your Flickr link 2 seconds after i posted....


oooh, I hope you share the Sam email...

Anna Winter

I wanna see the email from Sam in the City, too!


Me three. Sam in the City is the biggest waste of space evah.


Sam's email, reprinted for your reading pleasure:


I really like your site/blog. Any topic suggestions you'd like to see in my column? Would love to hear from you and get your quotes from time to time. You sounds great!


Sam and the City

I think Sam is a bot. "You sounds great" is however the best compliment I've ever been given.


I think the "your site/blog" shows a real nice personal touch, don't you?


But do dogs want Germans to be nasally inserted?

(nice pic)


What I'd like to see in her column: something that reflect actual, real people.


you musts be flattereds, Kate.

(btw I forgot to say, v cool picture)


Jasper has given me a negatory on nasally inserted Germans though we may have to insert something as it appears her microchip has drifted from shoulder to chest. I'm thinking we shrink the vet and send him in ala 'Amazing Voyage'.

I am flattereds, its not every days one is tolds one sounds cool.

Oh and Amanda... you want what? Real people you say? Hmmn. Since I'm obviously on the in with Sam, I'll email her and let her know.

david tiley

A great nose! Is it a german breed of dog? A Kasselpunkter or something?


David, she's a German Shorthair (or Shorthaired) Pointer. The German name is Deutsch Kurzhaar.

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