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July 25, 2006



I was hoping Chockylit was going to be fan fiction for that great English SF kids show.

(and Before Nerds Attack, the John Wyndham books too but they have less emotional cache for me)


Bother bother bother. I missed the Jane Goodall interview after planning to watch it all week. I guess I will have to satisfy myself with the transcript.

It isn't repeated during the week is it?


I'd all but forgotten about 'Chocky'; all I can remember from the TV series was the kid building weird traingular models from clay and saying "this is home" or somesuch.

Speaking of John Wyndham, my dad bought me 'Greenwich Cuckoos' and 'The Triffids' to read before I was 10.


Ta muchly. I was nearly out of feminazi reading material, and - as an elitist white patriarch trapped in an elitist white patriarch's body - fast losing my deep-rooted feelings of oppressed outrage. I blame me.


Is that the lone voice of white male privilege crying forlornly from his position of unassailable power? Poor white male, I pity him, with so much command of the world's resoruces.


World domination's not all it's cracked up to be, you know. There's a lot of paperwork, for one thing, and the hours are a bitch.

But one musn't grumble - onwards & upwards.


Just a note to say that the three hundred identical jumpsuits for your "Legions of Terror" will be ready Sunday the 13th - which I believe you have called "Stage 1".

Herrence Froud
World Beating Costumers
By appointment or gun-point only

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