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September 24, 2006



I was never a proper goth either, I couldn't decide whether to focus my energies on being Morrissey or Robert Smith.


the only emo I know of is the red furry puppet who encourages you to tickle him. no help, sorry.

ps have enjoyed the brisvegas posts


Or is Emo a little fish who gets lost? All sounds the same when Charlie (3 1/2y.o.) says it. I'm really concerned that the really bad haircut I have at the moment could be mistaken for an emo haircut. Fortunately I don't think anyone in my small country town knows what it is. I made a mistake thinking a hairdresser might understand that not everyone lives with a hairdryer.


Nerdy glasses? Pin/badge?
Fuck you, "how to dress emo" site! Some of us wear nerdy glasses for the very good reason that we are actually nerdy and myopic. And as for badges, mine says "Proud To Be Union".
It's nowhere near my crotch.


Well Mindy, judging by yesterday's look at the bookfair, your hair is not emo. Not that I looked that closely as I was a bit fixated on the extremely cute infant strapped on yer front.


I had this great comment all written but Typepad ate it. Bah typepad! If I only I had the time and wherewithal to migrate myself elsewhere.

I'm glad your badge isn't near your crotch, Liam, and I too wear the nerdy specs because I too am myopic and nerdy.

But I will defend to the death my right to wear faux-oldschool trainers and athletic jackets! And badges!


I have some problems with the whole emo=cool thing.
When I was a young person, being 'alternative' actually was alternative, rather than a marketing tool for anyone other than Robert Smith.

I kind of take issue with the hanging of shit on emo types - I think I was an emo type when I could give enough of a shit to plan my wardrobe.
I mean, I think I was. Maybe? I don't really know what emo means, anyway.

...re Robert Smith: does anyone else but me love that episode of South Park where the giant Robert Smith saved the world from the giant, evil Barbara Streisand (one of them was a robot)? That was beautiful stuff: can you imagine Bobby getting it together to save the world? Can you imagine him not saving the world?


dogpossum, that's about the only episode of South Park I can bear. that, and the one about Big Gay Al. otherwise, South Park and I part ways.

Zoe, did you get a look at said infant's hairdo? because the last time I saw a photo of her, she had a suspiciously emo thatch of hair ;)

I quite like the emo look. then again, I quite liked the goth look. problem was, hanging around with the available goths in 1987 meant being bored out of my tiny mind with all the "but you must sleep in a coffin and be into blood rituals" crap.

I just liked the clothes. and music. I'm so shallow!


hmmm.... I call those people "hipsters" - or maybe "emo" is just a sub-category of hipsters.


umm, i happen to wear the emo style myself , and you have it all wrong. emo isn't about what other emo people wear , we all choose differently , i like the clothes , so i wear them , i like the hair , so i wear them , i don't care if anyone else hates my clothes or hair. i do happen to wear a lot of bright colors and i have tourqoise in my hair and stuff , i like the emo music , but im not actually emo , its called scene , which is what this article is about . so , stop talking about other peoples styles , if people want to wear stuff that they like , they have the right to , personally , i dont like really preppy clothing , but i dont complain and make a website about it now , do i? hmm?

real emo girl

im a emo my self
the word emo is shot for Emotional
emos are people that had bad things happen to them
like u can be emo and still where bright cloths
most "emos" i no havent been throu bad things like seeing some one die
the reason thay tend to where black is that
its diffrent
thay dont wanna be the same as every one eles its not a bad thing to be a emo
people who get teased coz of being emo
tend to be moor emo
one of my friends killed her self of her 18 brithday coz no one accepted her
for who she was
so plz if u see some one makeing fun of emos
tell them to shut the fuck up
coz u could save somes life


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emo=emotional. if you are emotional, who is anyone else to judge you????? would you judge and hate say..... band geeks or drama preps just for how they feel? you're aloud to express yourself you know. its not a crime. you dont have to be around them all the time or befriend them, but that doesnt mean you should trash them on stupid websites with people you dont even know.

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Curtis Mchale

I think there are already emos in the 80's. They're not so popular that year, maybe because punks reign that year. For me, all of us are emos unconsciously. Maybe you'll deny this. There are times that we get into trouble in expressing our feelings and opinions to people, and to the world. That's why most emos have long bangs in order to hide the sadness in their eyes. Today, emo styles have become a trend. You'll see some girls and boys that love emo styles. My sister is an emo. You know, her styles are truly cool, especially her hair! Just yesterday, she had razor cut and red highlights at Santa Monica hair salons.

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