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October 31, 2006


The Devil Drink

Proud of you, Kate.
It's the universal proletarian dream to enact symbolic violence on your boss, and it'd be frankly unAustralian not to turn up for your last day work as angry drunk as a vinegar pickled maggot.
G'orn. So what if it's a morning shift?

Vusi Hlophe

In every moment I will worship Jesus cause He lifted Me up from the deep mighty clay and planted my feet on Kings hig-way and this is the reason I,sing and I,shout for Jesus came down and He lifted Me Up! Every Moment Jesus is willing to set U free!


WOOT WOOT, doing a silly dance, shaking my ass for you Miss Kate. They can take their high tea and SHOVE IT ;)



Umm Kate, you know, Vusi might just have something there....?! WTF!


Yay Kate!


Wow, does the Devil Drink come with his/her own troll now?

You must have been a better waitress than you thought if they were that upset at losing you. But well done for having the guts to say that's enough.


Yeah Kate!

I agree with absolutely everything the Devil Drink says except the bit about 'symbolic' violence.

Why just 'symbolic' ...?


Yay Kate. I hope that you feel as though a big weight has been removed from your shoulders. I always feel that way when I quit a crap job (of which I have had many). Unfortunately, I also feel angst and guilt, but they tend to subside fairly quickly.

I have always been confused by the amount of guilt that cafe owners/managers and the like throw at you when you quit your casual job. Anyone would think that they were providing job security, satisfaction and benefits the ways that many of them carry on. It is quite odd.


Good for you, Ms Kate.

(and wasn't it funny that teh evil cafe vibes infected your last post so you said "wish me luck" and no-one could comment)

Also, there is nothing wrong with making people angry sometimes.




Congratulations, Kate, and good luck!


Thanksevery. Even you, Vusi Hlophe (religion spam? Right).

I had angst and guilt last night, but I seem to have woken up angst and guilt free. It also helps that I seem to have a new job.


"It also helps that I seem to have a new job."

Quitting was good news; shiny new job is better.

Good luck!




"It also helps that I seem to have a new job."

Any more details available?

That's great news, by the way!


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