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October 27, 2006


Jennifer Cascadia Emphatic

It stems from a primitive, specifically pre-phenomenological perspective. A sophisticated perspective admits, "I have such and such a feeling, which comes from my appetites. It is my own feeling, specifically, and it is my own body and mind which creates this feeling. My feeling may be directed to an objecto 'out there' but it originates with me, and I am ultimately responsible for how I deal with it."

A much more unsophisticated -- primitive -- view does not factor in this element of understanding which comes from sophisticated phenomenology. To the unsophisticated primitive (as you rightly point out, dwelling in all "races"), if I feel something, it is because there is "something out there" forcing me to feel it. The reality that I am forced to feel something against my will is unquestioned. To feel an "external force" working upon one's thinking is to feel the only reality there is. Therefore, to feel lust for a woman is to feel her witchy-magnetic power acting over you and making you do stuff. Unsophisticated minds will not accept that it is not "her" who is causing this feeling, but one's own mental and emotional responses to her. They have no (or little) self reflexive capabilities. They don't analyse themselves as complex beings capable of controlling their wills, but instead move around "naturally".

--At lot of misogyny comes from male stupidity which has been naturalised as...well, "natural".


I think the title sums it up nicely!


Hey check this out, they're making 'Deport Hilaly' t-shirts now. Very amusing...I am tempted to buy one!


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