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November 30, 2006


Anna Winter

If I could pay you to blog more regularly I would.


Hey! I've been blogging heaps! But the same goes to you, Oh Goddess of Reason.

This is just venting. I've got offers -- oh yes I do! -- but they're all just in limbo right now and I'm broke and stressed and so on, but I know in a month or so everything should have sorted itself out, and if it hasn't -- well then I'm really truly calling things off. And I mean it this time. I won't be crawling back.I swear! No really.


All Careers Are Bastards.


Your chosen career (and mine) is a notorious tease, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love you. I remember going begging at the Footscray Housing Office and getting a government cheque to cover my rent in a particularly low patch, if it makes you feel any better. My fellow recipients included the mentally ill and drug addicts, a couple of them nodding off in the waiting room. (That felt BAD.) It picked up again from there.

And to my knowledge, (almost)all writers alternate between some degree of confidence and thinking they can't write (including the whole 'who am I kidding?' thing.)

Judging from the quality of your blog, I reckon your career is just playing hard to get.


It's much too late to find. You think you've changed your mind. You'd better change it back or we will both be sorry.


Thanks Ariel, reading your latest entry on your blog gives me some hope. Now all I need is an idea...

Anthony, is my Career hanging out at your place playing Guitar Hero II?


It is and we just nailed Van Halen.

Anna Winter

Sorry that comment did seem a little like a nagging black pot, didn't it? It sounded like a compliment in my head, I swear!!

Will try to blog more now that uni has finished for the year :)

Pavlov's Cat

Kate, it's seasonal, like fruit-picking. Writing work always dries up over the summer. I've found that for me the trick is to try to do the Ant and Grasshopper thing over winter and spring, and then goof off for a month or two.


The thing on the yacht? I think I speak for all of when I say: it's anecdote time.


Yes, yacht thingy, please.

[Thanks, Haiku: I was waiting for someone to show inappropriately prurient interest...ahead of me, that is.]


yacht story, stat!

I had a career once. Now I have a child and short term contracts from time to time. Oh well.


Dr Cat, thank you, hopefully I will have some good news to report here in the next few weeks.

For everyone else: the yacht story shall have a post of its own.


See, Kate, the muse is flighty, prurient, and arrives via TCP/IP.
When all else fails, turn to making stuff up, to hyperbole, to mindless abuse and to self-deprecation---hey, it worked for that overrated misanthropic pot-monster John Birmingham.

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