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November 14, 2006



#16.....getting married!

Aren't you the sly one!

Congratulations Kate & Mr Kate, wonderful news.

I hope you're frocking up.


Yes, I thought that was a good way to slip the news in.



Reckon, you sly thing you.

Congratulations. I hope you will do the decent thing and blog the whole process like Ladycracker did.


It's not really new news -- ie, we've been engaged for two years -- but thanks anyway! We're not getting around to it until next year, but I daresay I'll blog it and the surrounding angst shall fuel many a over-thinky whingy post.


Felt the need to join you in this one...

Bernice Balconey

Right - you're the second woman to raise how to, or problems with, changing the oil in your car. To bring to a final end the tyranny of patriarchial engine lubrication, i shall post a step-by-step guide. With all care & no responsibility of course.

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