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December 18, 2006



You could knit fingerless gloves with a connectable flap over the top to change them into mittens. Toasty warm AND practical (and apparently fashionable now!)

otherkate(we need better names)

oh goodness, same name, AND same coffee mug...

this is all a bit spooky. (lovely gloves btw)


That link is gorgeous! As are your fingerless gloves of course.


Audrey, the good ole hobo gloves! I am knitting some for the mister to use when he cycles to work.

Hello doppelganger! (Are you the evil one or am I?) Those mugs are the best.

Thirdcat, yes they are. I should have called this post 'smitten with mittens' or something suitably punning.


Your blog has started throwing me into the can of spam!


It's just retaliating for all the times you blog has put me in the bin of sin.


More seriously, Typepad does all the spam filtering, so I have no control over it. Just tried to figure out if I could fish out your comment but I can't. When I get a wordpress blog, all this will change, etc etc...

otherkate(we need better names)

Can I be the Evil One? I'm bored with being nice...

Presumably our parents keep me under the stairs while you live the high life out in public.

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