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December 06, 2006



WOOHOO! Congratulations!!! /does happy dance



Awesome! Nice one, Kate.




Brava - much deserved.


MY GOD! Those people, the ones who just called up and gave you a job - THEY MUST HAVE THOUGHT YOU WERE REALLY IMPRESSIVE AT YOUR WORK TO MAKE THEM DO THAT!

Just remindin'


Brilliant, Kate. Tip-top result. Shake the champagne before you open it!


HOORAY! Enjoy those bubbles!


"Of course, I'm already starting to stress..."

As a friend of mine says (to me, not you, obviously, because I don't think she knows you) 'because you wouldn't want to enjoy yourself for a moment, would you?' So, yeah, shut up brain. Enjoy.

Many happies, Kate.


congrats! :)


a) lots of congrats!


c) relax, dive in and enjoy your work!

what a great end to the year :-) :-) :-)


Chiming in to the chorus of congratulations. Glad to hear you've got a bunch of good things going on!


Bloody brilliant. Congratulations! And it's out of the blue maybe, but not unearned - you did do that volunteer work. Well done you! And don't listen to that dissenting brain. I do that, too, (the 'everyone will discover what a huge fraud I am' thing). The funny thing is that lots of people (esp. women), people you'd think were successful and self-confident, have that secret fear. Crack out the champagne and enjoy!


What Zoe and Speedy said stop
Suggest get stiff upper lip stop
Communism still your fault stop
Congratulations stop
over and out


Kate, your good news is t'riff! I'm so happy for you, and it made me come over all positive.

So positive that it inspired me today to actually take the hint from the music teacher at the tigling's school about how they needed tutors for voice/elocution next year, so I said yes, I can do that. I will be making teenage girls cry about how overornamenting their songs with twiddles is just laziness to disguise the lack of a fundamental breath technique, and that I expect them to hit a note cleanly and hold it, thanks. And don't pop your plosives like that either, young lady.

This will be a welcome break from the deskbound stuff I'm usually chained to.


We always knew you rocked, and now someone else has noticed too. It was only a matter of time. Well done!




You da man, homie.

(ahahhahahah - don't you love that vernacular shit? it's so fly).

...this comment was brought to you by the letter jealousy and the number envy.


Yay! That's great news.


Fantastic! We will look forward to a new genre of job-blogging.

Jennifer Cascadia

Congraturations and contulations.

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