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December 21, 2006



I *was* wondering why I couldn't comment.
Read fantastically, I should say, and was worth keeping. Ah well.
I hasten to add, for those who did read it, that if you still don't like football, Kate, it's obviously your fault individually, because you just haven't found the right code, division and team for you yet.


I may put it back up. Just feeling a little prickly today.

As for the footy thing. Perhaps you're right. I've tried to barrack for the Swans but my heart's not really in it.

Bring Back Kate's Arse-Kicking Post From This Morning

Yeah, go on. It was great.


It was interesting...I hadn't read anything in that kind of feminist vein for a while. Nor had I heard of the term 'man-hater' being used in years.

(I usually just save those kind of posts in 'drafts' for a couple of days, to see if I really want to post them or if I just wanted to let off personal steam. But in the oldern days, when hardly anyone read my blog, I was more likely to post them.)


Good for you. Three cheers for temper of any kind, good or ill!
(Perth and Adelaide play in Perth on the 28th, if the round-ball code is more your thing).


Round-ball? Oh, soccer. I mean, the One True Football.

No it doesn't do much for me either. I actually just developed a complex thesis on 'why I don't like competitive team sports' whilst knitting in front of the cricket. I'm sure this will be foisted upon the intertubes at some point.

El, me too, and then I never post them. I am not much for the fire and brimstone style of feminism in the Sheila Jefferies mode, but I was essentially accused on Susoz's blog of hating and attacking men, so I wrote that in response.


Whoa! I've just gone over to that thread and had a read. I wonder where Ron left the lid from the worm can?
Being more serious, I don't think you should ever feel guilty either about not enjoying spectator sport, or about getting fired up and pressing the [submit] button. Life's too short for anxiety like that.


I don't know Liam, but I guess I was dismayed that after pouring my heart into a blogpost about my brother and education, that I would be yet again characterised as some sort of rabid attack dog. I doubt Ron read that post, however.

No, life is too short for many things, and angsting about this blog, and what strangers thing of me and my political views, are definitely not worth the effort.


"As for the footy thing. Perhaps you're right. I've tried to barrack for the Swans but my heart's not really in it."

Yes Santa, that is correct. Please return the guernsey, it isnt really required!


As a journalist it's all about traffic darl, if it brings 'em in - regardless of what they're is saying, it's good.

Don't take criticism too personally, remember it's just a stranger unloading on a website. Cheerio then.

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