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March 10, 2007



Eek! Nail-biting news.

I'm sure things will be all right. But I'm thinking of you/him!




It sucks to be alone and safe, worrying yourself sick. Sucks less than actually being in the path of danger yourself, but still sucks.

I suggest you choose your own TV/DVD viewing carefully to counter the worries. I recommend something with men in frogged jackets.


Oh yes I'm sure it's much worse for JW, actually being up there, with the alternate fear and boredom.

But he's putting on a brave face, which is more than I'd be doing if I were up there.


I hope room service has refreshed the peanut supplies. I also hope that the $10 per packet, or some such ridiculous figure is waived in the circumstances. I won't tell you not to worry, because I know it doesn't help. But I will be thinking of you worrying, if that helps.


Thinking of you and JW, Kate. I hope that everyone up there stays safe.

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