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May 08, 2007



Unfortunately, I am familiar with all manner of educational function venues. We're trying to find a space for MLX7 and have come up with a few ideas. The Scienceworks museum in Williamstown is in the old pumping sheds thingy - some sort of water treatment/sewage place full of old machinery. It's a freakin' fabulous place - full of Victorian machinery. The old Melbourne Gaol is neat, and comes complete with ghost tours and frighteningly small cells. I'm voting for that option, complete with hot jazz band playing songs like "Mr Ghost Goes to Town".
... and it continues.

These places are freakin' expensive, though - _at least_ a grand for a 5-hour night.


Nothing says romance like a vulcan mind meld lol


May be a little out of your way but what about here...

We are going to Vegas next week and Quarks is on the list and maybe a Borg to reaffirm our vows.


'Star Trek outfits are of course optional.'

You mean 'optional' like assimilation by the Borg is 'optional'?

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