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May 07, 2007



It's good to vent sometimes. I did that yesterday and felt much better, by writing something I may or may not remove from the drafts folder.

My heartfelt commiserations. My venting (or the root cause of it) was immensely similar to yours - husband away, doing everything alone, crappy house that needs things done to it (like the back door back on its hinges, for one), tired of it all.

You sound like a Sensible Bride. Bloody brilliant. I was one, too. Apparently, it's a rare breed. Good luck with it.


Go the Sensible Brides! I also spent far less than the average on my bridal togs, we were married in a friend's waterfront garden, and we hired a local community hall for the reception.(Of course, this was back before the days when councils thought they had to make a profit from hiring out community halls. For members of the community.)

Roll on the subversion of the Wedding-Industrial complex! (I didn't hire a professional photographer, either - I had several friends who were keen amateurs and I gave them heaps of film and video and let them have at it - our wedding photos are fantastically unstaged and warm and intimate).


We got married in a park for free, subject to local council approval. We had our reception in the town hall, which we had to pay for and we did a serve yourself buffet style thing. Much cheaper and people can eat what they want. Of course, you may want something completely different which is your perogative. But congrats on finding a dress for $400, that is quite a coup.


Yes, we had a buffet too - and it was great. My sister-in-law made the wedding cake (a cupcake tower), we got married in the garden of my mother-in-law's beach house - where we also had the reception and my mum made my dress. My sister handmade the invites. Music was a lovingly (actually, obsessively) composed iPod selection by The Husband. And we didn't hire a photographer either, we got happy snaps, like Tigtog, including the old 'put a disposable camera on evey table and and let people go for it' trick. The only thing about that is we were so casual we didn't really pose for any photos, and in hindsight, we should have taken ten minutes out for that. Ignore everyone who tells you ridiculous things like 'you CAN'T have a wedding for under $20,000'. (Yes, we got that.) Ours was under $5000.

The Devil Drink

Good work on prioritising: food and drink are far more important for a decent social event than clothes (unless of course you go down the very wise routes of fancy dress or scuba wedding).
And it's not quite true that a bigger drinks budget'll help you stop killing anyone at your wedding. Just ask any police officer how often they've been called out to nuptial altercations---they're worse than Christmas for intra-family touch-ups.


Awww, Kate, here's some cyber-chocolate... Hope you feel better soon.


Yeah, the disposable camera on every table is an awesome idea.
Candid shots showing people as they really are are worth more.

Do you REALLY want to get down from dancing on the table to do some staged shots?
Not when you'll have 50 people taking photos of you on the table.
One of them _has_ to be your best angle.
(Angles 2 to 10 will probably also be covered.)

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