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June 11, 2007



I'm where you are with Love My Way; I sneak an episode late at night when I think I can get away with it. I usually end up bawling into half a box of tissues, then go to bed, refreshed. Really gets the snot moving :)


Thirding the love my way love.

Also, we would love to hear about the wedding plans. It might be all teeth gnashing and pain for you, but we might just find in hilarious.

Hope you feel better soon


so, we're all waiting very impatiently for series 3 to come out on DVD huh? such a great show. i think i could actually become a lesbian if Frankie/Claudia was the slightest bit interested....
and i'll never forget crying for a whole night after the episode with Lou--still makes me tear up just thinking of it.

re the wedding--this is all completely foreign to me--there is such a thing as an alcohol package? what, you get to choose between the "Slightly Tipsy Bridesmaids" package and the "Utterly Legless Mother in Law" package or something?

hope you feel better soon.

The Devil Drink

It's a question of killin' em with kindness, Gianna. Kate, I reckon if you have more than *two* family members deserving of a $70 meal, you're doing well.
And remember that even Jesus went to weddings where the booze ran out.
"Slightly Tipsy Bridesmaids package"
How did *that* get past the spamfilter?


Yes, I want to hear about wedding things. If not, I'll settle for more about lying on the couch.


Hope you are feeling better soon. I have used lysine in the past to help cold sores clear up. A herby thing from the chemist, comes in tablets. Doesn't stop them but makes them heal faster.

On the wedding thing, never overestimate blog readers. We would love to hear all the details, if you want to share.


Thanks, Kate. Nice!


Good to see you back! I'm happy to hear about wedding things (or couch things) too. Couch things make me feel better about my own couch-and-computer-ridden life.

Yep, bawled my eyes out at THAT episode. LOVE Love My Way. I am hanging for Season Three. And yeah, Frankie is my girl crush, too. I want her hair! Her boots! Her body! Her artistic talent and wit! But not, of course, her you-know-what situation. (Even thinking about it makes me want to cry.)


Hi Kate

Im sorry, but im not sure what for though, i guess not being in touch for so long.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. And your job. And everything you've done over the past year...and hugs to Jasper....

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