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July 23, 2007


Liam Hogan

It's sad to see you cashiering your blogging commission, Kate, because unlike most of the rest of us, you've been very good at putting thoughts to text, consistently.
I know I for one will stand and applaud Moment to Moment's run in the spotlight. Your high standards have been an emblem to follow. Three cheers!
Should you ever find yourself in Sydney and in need of a beer, you know the email.
Should you ever set yourself up another blog or should you publish yourself otherwise, let your old readers know, yeah?


Boohoo. That makes me sad. I'll certainly miss your writing.

I'll be checking out your photos on Flixr though. Do enjoy that new camera!


Bummer pooh miss K. Please keep up the flickr, wanna see that D80 kickin some butt!!


Not sure if I've commented before, but I've certainly been reading!
Goodbye and good luck, and seeya round :)

ampersand duck

Take care [sob]
It's a cold, hard world out there!

PS I look forward to your next blog ;)


What, Harry Potter and now this! Good luck with all your pursuits Kate, and hope to see you back sometime.

Jennifer Cascadia



Any creative endeavour ebbs and flows. If you start up again, just put up a linky here and the feedreader will catch it

And thanks.



I can't believe you didn't call this post "The Moment has passed", but as you say your heart's not in it.


Only just getting around to checking all my subs after finishing HP7, and yet another tragedy has struck.

We'll miss you, Kate. Enjoy the wedding. Must make sure I've got you Flickr'd.


Yours is one of the blogs that got me into blogging in the first place, so I'm very sad to see you go. But completely understand, as I feel a bit the same these days. As a wise blogger said to me recently: 'sometimes, you only have so many words in you'. That day job in journalism can tend to eat them all up, I imagine.

Goodbye and good luck with the wedding - and everything else.


"old blogs never die, they just take hiatuses"...hopefully you'll be back sometime. enjoy yourself!

Anna Winter

Hopefully a well earned break will help you remember your name ;)

Thanks from me too - it's been lovely.


Come on, you'll miss the cat bloggers, admit it!

Very sorry to see you go...


Kate this is a sad old day for the ausblogosphere (or rather, Jul 23 was the sad day - haven't checked my feeds for a week). I hope you'll be back in some form. Don't mind waiting a while. And if you're not coming back, I can understand it.

Thank you for being such an excellent blogger and good luck for your wedding.


Catch you round, Partygirl.

"old blogs never die, they just take hiatuses" or 800 photos of their dog.

Also, nice feet.


First I'm plagued with technical difficulties, then I finally get online to find this news . . . I'm sorry to hear you're feeling drained, Kate. I've really enjoyed your writing, and I do hope you'll feel like coming back after a break. But whether that happens or not, I hope you're feeling more yourself soon. Take care, and good luck!


See, I was away in July, so I just wiped my bloglines and look what I missed! And miss!

I'm glad I just wandered over here, thinking 'haven't heard from kate in a while'.

Take care. See you at flickr


Thank you, Kate for your lovely posts!
I hope you change your mind one day... or pop up in the newspaper/bookshop somewhere.

And the dog, he is so cute!!


The blogosphere's loss :(

Doug Tilley

So you might go to work when it's cooler but then you'll go home when it's even hotter

renaissance costume

It has been quite a good ride reading your blog posts.. I hope you all the best in life and I really hope you could blog again... God Bless!

wench wear

Should you ever find yourself in Sydney and in need of a beer, you know the email.


I think these videos explain feminism well.


Daniel Day

See what happens when I find a good blog, called Blink and You'll Miss It and I'm too late!

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